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Hello, my name is Edward O'Herlihy, owner of EQ Audio Video - but you can just call me Ed! I grew up in the Kawarthas, moved to Richmond Hill when I was still in high school, and went to York University for Kinesiology and a degree in Education. I currently reside in Newmarket, Ontario. My first "real" job was over 20 years ago when I was 15, at a small family-owned TV and Stereo store in Richmond Hill. During my career, I have managed several AV teams and service departments, including Best Buy Canada, Geek Squad, Future Shop, ConnectPro, and managing electronics insurance claims for all of the major Canadian insurance companies.

 I started EQ in the interest of bringing you new types of Electronics Services not available anywhere else. Where can you currently go to retain an impartial and unbiased opinion from an expert on what you should buy, where the expert is not selling you their own product? I like to think of us as interior designers of electronics systems, where you are guaranteed to receive unbiased purchasing advice. We will help you make your selections, and ensure you are not buying obsolete equipment, or overpaying for features you will not even use. We will also save you money, and very often, that saved money more than covers the costs of our services! Our purchasing guidance services start as low as $50 for something simple like helping you pick out a TV. Let us find you the best deal, and negotiate with the salesperson on your behalf! Did you know that by eliminating 3D or 4K on a new TV you could save over $1000? Most people rarely, if ever use these features and are unaware of this massive price jump. Don't let a salesman convince you why you need to buy something, and let us help you determine what the right product is for you.

 EQ has recruited a handpicked staff consisting of only the best, and most experienced professionals, who will help make us the most trusted and innovative AV company in Ontario. A company is only as good as the people who work for it, and knowing this, I have surrounded myself with the best of the best!

 But this company isn't about me, it's about you…and you'll love us. Here are a few reasons why:

You will have the very best in customer service.
We love to compete against any AV company, anywhere. I know without a doubt that we will beat them in both quality of installation and service to you, every time. When we set a time to meet, we will be there on time. When you need to get a hold of us, you will! When the work has been completed, it will be above and beyond expectations, and you will be very satisfied with everything we do, start to finish. EQ also offers ongoing technical support at no charge to our clients. We are members of TrustedPros, Home Stars, as well as many other Renovations/Home Services associations and maintain a perfect track record.

Your system will be extremely easy to use.
I guarantee, in writing, that you will love your new system and will know how to work every detail of it, or we won't get paid. EQ provides an unprecedented 10 YEAR WARRANTY on all work performed! We are very confident in our ability to get it right, the first time. I will give you my cell phone number and, yes, I can be reached after hours when you would get an answering machine with any other company. Your happiness with your new setup is our mission!

You will have the best AV equipment.
EQ will not install inferior products in your home. We will help you select the best and most reliable equipment within your budget, and help you achieve what you envisioned. We are not retailers, and have only your best interests in mind. Use us to help guide you through the buying process and we will source out the best equipment at the best prices, wherever they may be. Avoid a pushy salesman selling you features and merchandise you don't need so he makes more commission! Avoid buying inferior products because the store needs to clear them out or there are higher profits to be made! We will guarantee you the best equipment for your needs - no more, no less - and ensure you have a quality system to enjoy for years to come. Your system will reflect your lifestyle and will be something to be proud of.

You will never be over budget.
EQ will take extra time up front to give you a full package price. I will let you know of unknowns in the project before we start. There will be no "surprises" or "unexpected add-ons". If I run into installation issues, they are my issues, not yours. I do not itemize and I do not make excuses. You may want your project to increase in size as we go, but that will be your decision to make. I quote a guaranteed price and a guaranteed price is what you will get, no hourly rates and no up-charges.

Take a look at our services page, and please contact us with any questions you may have. EQ is here to help!