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Choosing a new TV or creating a theater room can be overwhelming, we know. Relax! EQ has the experience, connections and expertise to educate you and help you with your decisions. We will bring your vision to life – on schedule and on budget.

EQ has a specialist for all of your electronics needs! Check out our Services page for more detailed descriptions of what you will be getting when you use EQ!


EQ Specialists have been handpicked from the most experienced and friendly people in the industry. We believe that having the best possible staff and providing the best possible service will give you unmatched customer satisfaction!

Our Team

The work was very clean and everything was perfect when they were finished. They were polite, friendly, and respectful of our home. This is amazing service! I am impressed at the ways to hide cables and speakers to make everything invisible. We have 1 remote control instead of 5 and everything is so easy to use! He spent a long time teaching my elderly parents how to control everything and now they have no problems! Great Teacher! Thanks!

Mandeep Singh

Brampton, ON

What Clients Say About Us

He saved me over $1600 helping me shop for my new home theater setup. I also got exactly what I was looking for, and did not buy things that the salesman tried to push on us. He made learning how to use it very easy, and my wife and I learned fast from him. The hookup was perfect and after he finished calibrating the audio and video, I enjoy my theater setup more than the movies. Nobody is kicking my seat, unless the kids sneak into the room! Thanks Ed!

Surinder Bansal

Toronto, ON

EQ Has the best customer service I have ever experienced, anywhere! Ed and Brian are two of the nicest, friendliest people I ever had the pleasure of working with. During construction of my theater room, they always answered the phone or called me back quickly. It's true what Ed says; "unforeseen problems are his and not yours".  He worked for over 5hrs to solve a problem caused by previous construction and did not charge me anything! I will use this company every time.

Dr. John H. Walker
Orangeville, ON

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EQ Audio Video is built on a foundation of Service, Integrity, and Quality. Our expertise, trades knowledge, and over 20 years of installation experience will ensure things are done right the first time! We take great pride in maintaining the highest levels of expertise, professionalism, and communication while working with you!

  If you want to know how to save the most money on your electronics purchases, need UNBIASED help figuring out what you should buy, or just want the best quality service at the best prices, call EQ today!

When we enlisted the services of EQ we did not know very much about home theater. The only info I was able to give them was what the theater was going to be mainly used for, and a budget. Since I did not know what I wanted, every aspect of the equipment and the wiring was left to be flexible for the future. Great work guys!  We expect to use your services again in the near future!

Paul Gudnason

Aurora, ON

When I was looking for somebody to wall mount a TV over the fireplace in a 100 year old house, I had to make sure I found somebody who knows about older construction styles of stonework, plaster and old style wiring. Luckily a friend introduced me to Ed from EQ. Ed has experience renovating older homes, and the installation went off without a hitch. He identified problems we had not even considered and helped us avoid making mistakes! 

A++ to EQ!

Eric Wilson
Toronto, ON

I have been very happy with Ed's level of service. He responded quickly to my requests and fit me in between jobs. He did a great custom job in my living room, installing a reasonably priced, attractive glass shelf, mounting my TV in the corner, hiding the wires in the wall, and bundling all the wires behind the TV so they were not visible!

Sandy Mackenzie

Newmarket, ON

After purchasing a new receiver, I had the task of setting it up with our home theater system, I decided to use EQ Audio. Ed was punctual and professional.  His work was clean. He also answered all of my questions and worked on all details to hide the wires. TV hookup was fast and perfect. After the work he checked all the connections and made sure nothing was wrong. He even leveled the big screen TV and adjusted our speakers to work more effectively! I would definitely recommend him! 


Wayne Arsenault

Holland Landing, ON

The attention to detail and the outstanding ability to know my needs and wants as a client were impressive. Ed's technical skills and vision of the finished look were top notch. As a designer, I was extremely pleased and will certainly have him on my professional team.

Carolyn Patterson, Interior Decorator
Aurora, ON

 I was just about to spend over $2000 on a new 60" Samsung TV and have EQ come hook it up for me. EQ sourced out the exact same TV for a much better price and bartered the salesman down another $200! I saved over $500 by talking to Ed before I bought the TV and he even got free delivery thrown in for me! Wall mounting completed was fast and perfectly done. Going to call these guys first from now on BEFORE buying!

Michael P. Chan

Richmond Hill, ON

Servicing Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Orangeville and the Greater Toronto Area